Proud of English Letters and Language Department

THE BEST: Dinayanti (middle side) and Nurtamin (right side) show their gold medal as the first winner of English Debate

Again and again, two students of English Letters and Language Department accomplish an achievement for Fifth PIONIR (Pekan Ilmiah, Olahraga, Seni dan Riset) at State Islamic Institute Palu, Middle Sulawesi in May 18 – 24 2015. They are Nurtamin and Dinayanti who are able to be the number one for English Debate competition. What they accomplish completely makes UIN proud of them, moreover this is their best achievement to be the first winner since last two competitions UIN was only able to be the second winner.

Getting a gold medal automatically makes this university glad. They get many praises from everyone, such as their friends, lecturer, Dean of Humanities Faculty, Secretary of Department and also Head of Student Affairs. Mujaid Kumkelo as the head of Students affairs stated that their achievement totally makes all Cavities of the campus happy. ”Thank you for Nurtamin and Dina, we are absolutely proud of you,” he said.

It is also said by the Dean of Humanities Faculty, Istiadah. She thought that being as the winner in the national competition is a pleasure because it has shown that English Letters and Language Department is one of the competence department around Indonesia.”We hope you can improve your skill through debate and preserve your achievement. Do not forget to train your juniors,” She asked to Nurtamin and Dina.

Another happy one is the Secretary of English Letters and Language Department, Miftahul Huda. He said that their achievement is what they expect before and he counts on them to be the first winner because at last two years the representatives from this university only got the second winner.”They proper to be the first winner since they have got many experiences related to debate before this competition,” Miftah confirmed.

Nurtamin and Dina were decided to be the first winner after beating their three opponents at the final round, they were UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, UIN Arraniri Banda Aceh, and UIN Syarif Kasim Riau.”Actually we feel nervous, but we have strategy to deliver many arguments since we are as the positive side, and it works,” Nurtamin notified.


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